Golf Course designed by Nick Price

Grand Coral Riviera Maya Resort is an excellent example of the way in which golf course designers and developers are working proactively with environmental groups and governmental agencies, among others, to create golf courses that are planned, constructed and maintained according to a set of standards that fulfill and even surpass local and federal environmental requirements.

The vision of golf course designer Nick Price was to create a golf course that naturally adjusted, while still being sensitive to the beauty of the already existing environment.

The design team carried out a planning and routing study in conjunction with a group of carefully selected experts made up of the Grupo Grand Coral Developer, wildlife consultants, biologists, civil engineers and environmental consultants. The planning team identified the following areas and issues that require careful handling of the land:

Click on the golf ball for a flying overview of hole number one.

Pure Mareazul Condos and residences

                  You may not believe that this condo will be yours during your stay

Grand Coral Resort was built in 2011 and is a spectacular seaside golf destination with direct flight access from all major cities. The short airport shuttle transfer from Cancun International Airport to Grand Coral makes it easy for travelers, while flights departing Eastern Canadian cities are approximatly 4 hours in duration, so you can leave on a morning flight and be on the white sandy beach by 2:00pm.

                         Flight Time to Cancun
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Link to USA Transfers, click.

Link to USA Transfers, click.